The Universe

by Karl?

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All songs Written & Composed by Karl?
Recorded by Louis Conway at Till Death Studios
Produced by Louis Conway & Karl?


released November 15, 2013

Daniel Chavez, Rebecca Lynn, Alex Mastrovito, Nic Gonzalez, Michael Malinowski



all rights reserved


Karl? Long Beach, California

Karl? was founded in 2011, Long Beach, CA.
Delicious and Attractive, their Debut album titled, The Universe is a post-rock enigma, blending lush psychedelic harmony within an R&B and Prog-Rock spectrum.

The quintet can be spotted around Long Beach and LA Venues regularly.


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Track Name: Be Safe in Your Corner
Be Safe in Your Corner, While I observe the worlds order. I'm Free.
I know you are. So what am I?
Be Safe in Your Corner, While I observe the worlds disordering. I'm Free.
Track Name: Crura
Petra, Siento en Ventanas. Ey boy. Te voy a matar. No lo conozco no tengo. Bromas con usted, si lo miro lo agarro. Que se Puede hacer. Vamos a encontrar. Un compermiso. You can't cut glass if glass cuts you...
Track Name: Odd Man Out
I keep my doors wide open so the whole world can look in and see. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to just ask me.
The question that I get the most, is already answered, or so I believe. The way we **** I'd like to boast; I keep it inside, where it needs to be.

Inside my white walls. There is a story that I'd like to change. Inside my white.

I try to touch you but I don't even come close. It's part of the lie, cause that's what you do.
Track Name: Where I Must Be
I know there is far to go. Where I Must Be.

Tell me all your words, worthy of my sympathies.
Are all my beliefs reliefs? Tell me what your words can't tell me.

Tell me all your words, straining for some clarity.
That through which I see, Relieve.
Tell me what your words can't tell me.

Never gonna find what you can't hold
Track Name: Stabbing
Again we hang our cross, yet for get the reasons for it.
Lively wonders which pose as a purpose directly stabbing me.
Again we come across the view. Pushing attitudes breaking you down.

Again we come across...
Track Name: No Snare
Be Settled. I re-become the sky. Earth, and mountain dry. As if I am partial to the carriage of my unsettled grief.
No Snare lays upon my path, er, lest I place one there, no snare lays on my path.
So be singing by my side.
Track Name: There are Reasons
Where are reasons which I had before.
Questions have returned to me as more.
I prepare myself for every rain and storm.

Where are the reasons which I had so strongly before.
Where my mind will go this time, I don't want to be sure.
I prepare myself for every rain and storm.

Answer each question right. Black and White. Obvious.
Clear after storm and rain. Sad dying. In a day, further away, I'll live while dying.

Ah. Where are the reasons, the reasons inside of myself.
Where are the reasons which I held so strongly before.
Track Name: Grand Olde Party
You Pray, yes you pray. But do you really pray? For you feign, yes you feign your self and mine too.

What is right, what is real? Tell us against what you feel. We tread lightly, can you say the same?

We shall see how it ends up being.

Your godless companions - Dollar signs. God Bless you, and your goddless companions. Dollar signs.

We shall see. How it ends up being.
Track Name: In My December
Here in my world. Here are my reasons I employ.

Make me remember.
Take me insane.
It turns my tongue to anger in a frame.

Here in my world. Here are my reasons I employ

In my December, I wait for a grave. Yet my June shall still seem freshly laid. Here in my world.

Notice I'm last in line...